Podcast Unlocked

This week was a big week for me. Not only was I on IGN's Podcast Unlocked but I also launched THE UNDERDOG COLLECTION, a merch vision that I've had for a VERY long time.

So, How did the IGN spot happen? Honestly, I do not know. What I do know is that when you decide to put yourself online, there are always folks watching and listening to your content to determine if you're a good fit to work or collaborate with them at some point.

I can be edgy, I can be provocative but I can also read the room or stage. I research the demographic of the outlet to understand the audience. Those who have been creating content for a long time make it look easy but there's work involved to prepare for these panels.

One thing is to understand the chemistry of the hosts that you'll be collaborating with. Another thing to consider is their history of gaming (contextually speaking) and what makes them tick. Lastly, consider is how much time you have when you are speaking on the topics of the show. I'd be cool to bloviate like you would on your platform but you're a guest - you have to know what your limits are. Ryan, Miranda and Stella where super kind.

According to Ryan’s tweet, I may be back at some point on Unlocked and I look forward to it. Thanks Ryan!

The Underdog Collection

The next thing that I’d like to touch on here is THE UNDERDOG COLLECTION but let’s get some history out of the way. Many years ago I attended school in Haiti and came back to America for vacation. When I finally stayed in the US for schooling in the late 80s, I had to take English as a second language. I remember there used to be a trailer outside of the school and I dreaded heading in there to learn or get better at English. I had a strong accent, barely understood nuance and how people communicated. This was a very difficult time for me.

I got laughed at when I spoke, made fun of, and sports became my outlet to deal with all of it. I was determined to get better with speaking English so every day that I went home from school I watched a lot of television. I watched hours of sitcoms, soap operas and even rehearsed what I was hearing and watching. This became a masterclass for me.

I became really good with people but that matured many years later. In August 2009, I started my podcast and coined it ‘The Show Radio’. This was another opportunity for me to use a platform as a masterclass to understand people, how they process information and handle tension. I realized that I was becoming extremely good yet still felt like the underdog. The underdog is a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest. I’ve felt this way for years. It’s like folks count you out yet you believe you can add value and even change their lives. Whenever folks counted me out, I went somewhere else to use my gifts.

So THE UNDERDOG COLLECTION is a reflection of those who persevere when everyone counts them out. I love wolves so I asked my friend and legendary artist BLACK ONI to take my life’s journey and create a visual expression of it. This expression would be an encouragement for all underdogs to boldly pursue their endeavors with confidence - and persevere.

The scar represents one who weathered many storms. The eyes represent wisdom and foresight. The facial expression speaks of one who is confident and ready for any opportunity. The design is extremely intentional and years in the making. I also mentioned to BLACK ONI that I’d like everything in the image - no words and he did an AMAZING job.

I’m extremely glad that this came to fruition - it means so much to me. This is for the underdogs. Stay encouraged and chase your dreams - all of them.

#Underdog 🐺